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Hazelnut Cake from Cortazzone

with partially disoiled Hazelnuts - Tonda Gentile Trilobata

The Hazelnut Cake, definitely the most typical sweet in the Piedmont tradition! This delicatessen had to be always present on the table at the end of the Sunday lunch, served with warm zabaglione or sweet wine.

It absolutely represents the old-days simplicity that only products of the past could offer. Maybe the only real secret that made such cake immortal lays beneath its simple and genuine ingredients: hazelnuts, sugar, eggs, butter and absolutely no wheat flour at all... wisely worked.

The original Hazelnut Cake of the Piedmont countryside never included wheat flour in its mixture, due to the fact that wheat flour, among a few other products of the land, represented the most important maintenance source and needed to be used with extreme parsimony.

The Baldaiassa Hazelnut Cake keeps a tight link with the ingredients and its traditional manufacturing, where the Piedmont “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” hazelnut definitely is the main ingredient, as far as quantity and flavour intensity.

Hazelnut Cake

Hazelnut Cake

The success of our sweet creation is certainly due to the use of hazelnuts partially deprived of their oil through a process that extracts such oil, equally important in Piedmont cooking history.

The Baldaiassa Hazelnut Cake is available in two sizes: 330 g/13,20 OZ classic in elegant cardboard box and in the "pie" of 150 g/6 OZ as a single-portion.